My 2016 Gratitude Note

  • I GIVE THANKS for celebrating 10 years in my beautiful South Africa and for the GIFT of my permanent residency granted to me this year. I give thanks for the special privilege of calling South Africa my home. There is no doubt that this beautiful country has played a huge role in my purpose coming alive. I love the energy here, the people, our nature, the diversity - there is no place like this to innovate and co-create!
  • I GIVE THANKS for an incredible expression of connection between my son and I after he left the nest and stepped into the world to live into sides of himself he was curious to explore. I am in deep honouring of him and his journey. I have loved the frequent little messages: 'Mom, can you Skype me' and the following 3 hour talks. I have the deepest respect for him and how he faces his challenges. He reminds me of how meaningful our path has been and that our special love and appreciation for life is what fuels us to take on the next adventure. Love knows no distance ; )
  • I GIVE THANKS for the privilege of a truly special mom/daughter space of deep deep nurture, love and care, fun and authentic expression. It has been a year of deepened connection as I have walked next to her on her voice finding journey. And what a VOICE she has!!! I have welcomed her Elastic Band, moving from a very silent space to a highly expressive space - I have appreciated how clashes have turned into caring conversations and incredible learning. I know nobody as honest as my angel girl!!
  • I GIVE THANKS to my Family for always 'being there' for my beautiful kids; To my sister who shares her journey with me in the most raw and beautiful way; To my Granny who is my soul friend and whom I share hours and hours of deep conversation and connection - even if she is thousands of miles away I feel her presence. She reminds me of the importance of ‘being there’ and what truly matters. That hour every week on Skype truly matters. This moment right here is all we have! I continue to ask myself: ‘What do you do with it?’ ; )
  • I GIVE THANKS for the SmilingOne Change Agent work which has kept calling me and asked for fine-tuning. Lots of housekeeping this year, making sure that we have processes in place that enhance COC education for everyone involved. It is often the classrooms we experience through the year that provide learning for which processes to attend to. We have had a strengthened focus on our policies and our Change Agent Agreements. We make huge investments into a Change Agent every single year. I enjoy the strengthened clarity in all we say and do, in the service we provide. AND I enjoy to each day re-commit to my service and to be very conscious in my choice. And no matter how many twist and turns the road offers I look back and feel deeply content that I live into my promise! I am deeply passionate about unlocking potential. I am grateful for the special souls who have chosen to walk this path alongside me.
  • I GIVE THANKS to sponsors, loyal supporters and to the SmilingOne network. One of my great lessons in this lifetime is to ask for support. Many helping hands allows us to do what we do best: to unlock potential which in the playing field of The SmilingOne Foundation also means crime diversion and prevention. THANK YOU for the trust and support!
  • I GIVE THANKS for my Client work that is beyond anything I could ever have imagined. I cannot believe how lucky I am to be given the opportunity to be so deeply embraced in a culture who thrives on change and invest in the wellbeing of their people. I have learnt so much this year as I have journeyed alongside executives and their teams and I know there is still so much more to explore, so much more to learn. It is with excitement that I open the door to a new year, ready to fill up my cup with what the journey asks of me.
  • I GIVE THANKS for my book 'Garden of Awakening' in writing. I understand the importance of sharing this next book with the world - more than 8 years of evidence of amazing guidance processes from prison to communities to corporate. It humbles me that this book is already alive in so many of my clients and change agents. To experience the impact even before it is published to a broader audience. 
  • I GIVE THANKS for an intensified focus - I have made incredible shifts in regards to my priorities. I have opened some doors and others I have closed: 
    • an intensified yoga practice which enhances my breathing, focus and balance. I love the strength I have gained
    • no more personal Facebook time, my old page will stay alive with its content - I feel less distraction, I give less room for my procrastinator and gain so much more energy and time in other creative spaces. And guess what - I have started sculpturing 
    • an inspiring partnership with a special man where I am being met just as I am, it feels amazing to allow myself this space of mutual appreciation and deep connection 

GRATITUDE is one of my biggest practices and what has not been mentioned here in words does not mean less - it lives in my heart and guides my path. 

MY WISH for 2017 is that I continue to live deeply into my values: 
  • listening deeply (listen)
  • loving unconditionally (love, wellbeing)
  • appreciating each moment (gratitude, wellbeing)
  • humbly bowing to my lessons (humility, harvesting)
  • emptying myself of all judgment (non judgment, guidance)
  • being open minded and hungry for more (openness,growth mindset, curiosity)
  • kindness in thoughts, words and deeds (kindness)
  • mindful in how I walk, eat, sit, love... (mindfulness, wellbeing, energy)
  • being guided by the journey (listening, guidance, humility)
  • everyone is my teacher (listening, guidance, humility)
  • there is always another angle (agility)
  • taking it to gym (daily practice, consistency, focus, discipline)
  • allowing the puzzle pieces to fall into place (trust)
  • loyal to my commitment (loyalty, commitment, meeting promises)
  • together is always better (team work, loyalty, energy)
  • stay awake (consciousness, self awareness)