TRI for Coaches


You are ready to take your coaching toolbox to the next level. The Master Classes are tailored to your journey and to what calls for fine-tuning. 

Karina is a well respected Trainer and Teacher who is especially recognized for her capacity in both depth coaching and in integrating (and simplifying) often complex business concepts into the client process. She is a highly intuitive executive & life coach and published author with more than 10 years experience in leadership development. Regularly been called upon to work cross culturally and internationally. She offers a unique approach to unlocking and awakening the individual. She is a gifted listener who is known for harnessing the listening environment with a level of adeptness which allows her to skillfully guide the client towards full potential.


C.O.C. = Circles of Change

Coach Educational Training for Coaches & Change Agents 

Karina has trained more than 20 coaches over 3+ years. Some of the Master Coaches have trained with her for 9+ years.

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