TRI Coaching | Depth Coaching

A process intuitively designed to give the client profound and lasting impact. TRI offers you a Depth Coaching Space which assists you in getting to the core of behavioural patterns to begin the process of questioning the many layers of your conditioning. 

The approach aims to assist in the maturation of the client. This maturing process is also referred to as individuation (a term best known from psychologist Carl Jung). 

The exploration of our inner landscape becomes a primary source of enquiry – when seeking inroads into personal development which carries lasting impact; to be curious about the first fifty chapters you have written; to meet the inner child; to both understand and re-negotiate old belief patterns (contracts), shift what no longer serves you and energetically dissolve the barriers on your path of purpose. It is in the in-depth exploration of these first chapters that you will illuminate your healing and active development journey; it is here that real change occurs and where you begin the unlocking of your potential.

In summary
  • Exploring your inner landscape 
  • Going deep for lasting impact
  • Sustaining change by unlocking deep blocks
  • Learning the art of the listening space and the gift of creativity that evolves from there
  • Illuminating the Healing Journey
  • Engaging your journey in a safe space and learning the value of holding space and being held in a safe space 
  • Learning to carry yourself more gently
  • Unlearning begins as you find the courage to challenge old theories 
Experience profound openings as you grow your capacity for depth work. You are the Healer & Guide of your Journey. 

In the Depth Coaching space you explore:
  • Who in me speaks (access deeper layers; identification process)
  • The stories I tell myself (old vs new knowledge)
  • The Release Process (giving space for healing; safe spaces of release and shedding)
  • The Separation process (moving from the seat of the child to the seat of the host and the healer)
  • Self-Healing & Self-Guidance Activation for sustainability 
  • Core Work (what is beneath your learned behaviour; awakening to essence; who am I; who am I not)
  • Choosing (active development)
  • T•R•I Sticky Language (important reminders through emotional hijacking* episodes)

Why is Depth Coaching good for people in Leadership?
Many of us are unaware how much of the energy of our old belief patterns and behaviours   we transmit into our shared spaces. This   “old energy “- fuels itself into our thoughts, our words and our deeds; and the thing is- that the unconscious does not question. We keep doing it! This can have a severe impact on how we lead ourselves, our teams and how we ’show up’ in delivery and performance.

In the Depth Coaching Space you are not only strengthening your ability to lead in your own life - the quality of your leadership in places you choose to lead others will be significantly improved too. A great leader is one who starts with himself, who has touched deeply upon his core and who understands inhibiting and enabling behaviours - not just in theory but in daily deliberate practice. 

As an awakened Leader you will know that It is your job to develop your toolbox and bring it into every engagement. The greatest gift you can give to anyone is the gift of your own awakening!